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What is ZabaSearch?

True People Search

Yes, we are 100% true with billions of records stored for you to search. Get the individual’s history, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, associates, criminal records, and more. Using our service is effortless. Just input what you have: name, phone number, or address and hit the search button. You will get the results in almost no time! So, what are you waiting for?

Trusted by Millions of Users

We have nearly one billion people in our records. So, you can search for individuals born within the past over 80 years. With the vast database, we make sure the information you get is as deep as possible. We also reveal the latest and accurate details based on the search, just like in other paid services.

Totally safe and secure

Anything you search here is private, for your eyes only. You don’t sign up or log in to get our service. We are truly safe with no fee charged at all. We don’t collect your searched information, and we also don’t save your searching history. Our site is SSL encrypted, which means it’s safe to use Zaba Search and what you get is 100% private.

Zaba Search User Reviews

Over 260 million phone numbers, including mobile phones

Natasha, Oklahoma

Nursing Student

"I used Zaba Search to find out about a guy I just met via online dating. To my amazement, he had actually lied to me about where he lives and work. He is unemployed with past police records. Thank you ZabaSearch, for saving me on that one!"

Deputy55, California


"I have used ZabaSearch for the past two months to search for a couple of addresses and phone numbers. I now know where my colleagues stay and who they are, after the first time meeting. Every time I meet someone new, and I want to know more about them, I just come here, and the problem is solved."

Betty, Missouri

Restaurant owner

"I once met a new client who needed my services to supply food and drinks to his company colleagues. After meeting the first time, one of my co-workers said that we look alike. That made me curious to know who he actually was. He was a good client by the way who paid on time. After running the search, I realized that he was a step-brother. I appreciate ZabaSearch for helping me reconnect. "

Joy, Texas


"I have used this service before to check on a new neighbor who always seemed to be quiet and distant. It turns out he had nothing to make me worried. I now don’t worry anymore. This is a great website to help you search for anyone in this vast America."

Alex, Illinois

IT Student

"Where do you get reverse phone lookups with high-quality results? Apart from Zaba Search, I don’t think there is any other service that can give you that. Every time I get an unknown phone call, this is where I get answers to who they truly are."

Michelle, Chicago

Professional Cook

"Every time I go out to give my services (outside catering issues), I always get strange calls the next day. That made me a troubled woman until a friend of mine suggested Zaba Search. Now, I don’t worry anymore. Just give me that call, and I’ll know where to search for you!"